Dead man walking



Dead man walking

Once alive man, now the drowning man. He sat alone in quiet apartment with the 30-30 on the table. He learned by two funerals, his life was wasted and he lived a shallow life. He cleaned the weapon daily, drinking the southern comfort slowly. He left the house for work only and he wanted no company. He confessed to ghosts nightly. He was damn sorry for not paying attention to his brothers. Yesterday the gun sang to him, “Death be sweet, life can be sweet.The phone rang. He answered the phone. His dear Grandmother told him. We need you okay, are you alright?

He told her. I am okay now and thank you grandma for calling. The phone rang again. Was a Colonel from the recruiting center. He told him. Taking in the prior service. Come down and be re-tested if you still want to come back…

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